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How to install a stretch ceiling

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Hiring contractors? Who will install your stretch ceiling: the seller or a Sub-Contractor ?!! Taking the appropriate precautions to ensure that you choose fully licensed and insured contractors like us.

prior to begin

We take all necessary steps to ensure that your unit is returned to you in perfect condition. From the beginning to the end of the membrane installation, we take care to cause as little disruption to your furniture as possible.

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Installing our "T-Flex" Tracks

A specific stapler is used to install the profiles around the perimeter of your walls. The inside and exterior angles are cut perfectly with a miter saw rather than bent by hand. The "T-Flex" profiles are the only stretch ceiling profiles on the market that allow you to simply remove the membrane without needing to be a pro.

Preparing the Membrane

During the heating stage of the installation piece, the membrane is first opened and hung. The hook phase of the harpoon in the rod might commence after a few minutes.

Membrane Installed

The stretch ceiling has just been stretched at this point in the installation process, and it is now permitted to cool for a time before the light underneath is inserted.

recessed lightings

This is an example of how to install a led spotlight; the same procedure may be used to install a light, an air conditioning vent, or a camera. Above the stretch ceiling, there is always some kind of preparation.

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