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The Stretch ceiling system

In the Stretch Ceiling sector, NewTech Ceiling has a lot of expertise.

The Sretch Ceiling is slowly but steadily changing the ceiling industry, but it isn’t the only one. Designers, contractors, architects, and engineers have indeed discovered a new material to replace the gaps on the ceiling’s surface. The Stretch Ceiling is now well-known all across the world. The Stretch Ceiling doesn’t have to prove itself anymore; it’s all around us. Residential, commercial, and business space are all available. The new tool for all of its trades is the Stretch Ceiling.

I’ve installed Stretch Ceilings of varied degrees of complexity and arrangement to meet the most exacting standards and needs including lightings

I am proud of all my projects, from the simplest to the most complicated.  I use materials from leading European manufacturers to ensure our Stretch Ceilings are of the highest quality.

A little bit about me, I have been installing Stretch Ceilings since 1990.  I’ve been lucky to be trained by one of the founder of the Stretch Ceiling System. Back in time the installlation of Stretch Ceiling was very very difficult speacially the lack fo tools appropriate for that. The pioneers of the stretch ceiling have constantly improved the installation methods and I am proud to have participated, a lot of memories of this time are engraved in my memory.

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