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Perimeter Track t-FLEX

Easy removable Cornice "t-FLEX"

Your new stretch ceiling has a certain advantage over your old ceiling, it is that it can be dismantled.

This advantage is all the more accentuated when you opt for the removable PVC profile. At any time and by anyone, the removable PVC profile brings you simplicity and comfort that no other profile on the stretch ceiling market can bring you.

  1. Change the transformer of a spotlight.
  2. Drain water caused by flooding.
  3. Install cameras without having to change the membrane.
  4. Clean the membrane by removing it completely.
  5. Repair a wall drywall without having to remove the canvas completely.
  6. BFlex Ventilated to prevent mold in the plenum
  7. and many other advantages…
The "t-FLEX" profile
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