manufactured membrane from europe

The stretch ceiling is installed with only 2 components, it follows that the 2 components are as important as the other. The membrane is the centerpiece, the one that is seen first. It covers 95% of the surface of the room. The quality of the membrane must be irreproachable. We installers do not manufacture the membrane, the manufacture is carried out by very large groups often in the plastics industry. From its factories comes the raw material which is the membrane packaged in rolls of 6.6″ ft wide, 10.6″ ft wide or 16′  ft wide  (2 meter wide, 3.2 meter wide or 5 meter wide). Then the rolls are sold to hundreds of companies, each of which welds their own harpoons in accordance with the track. The harpoon will be used to hang the membrane in the track, each harpoon has its track and vice versa. Since 1990 we have been using the same company in Europe which provides us with the harpooned membrane as well as the tracks. This company is supplied by the world’s largest stretched membrane suppliers. Other harpooned membrane vendors contact us all the time, but their extremely low prices worry us about the quality. Our experience, our reputation, the viability in the future of our company comes before profit and contributes to the respect of our customers. Quality is our policy. Some people have had to leave their apartment for a few days because the chemical smell of the membrane at the time of the installation, the odor of plastic was too much, this is proof that low-quality membranes are available on the stretch ceiling market. For our part, I’ve never had a consumer complain about the membrane’s odor; quality is a personal preference.

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